Twitter Q&A – at SIU

WSU is going to move the museum exhibits to the concourse and use that space for a “recruiting room.” I’m not sure how critical that is, but that’s something it feels it needs. I think Koch is in great shape. Behind the scenes, it probably needs storage space and office space. I think the next athletic department building will come at baseball, where coaches would like a weight room and new locker rooms near the indoor facility. I don’t think any major additions or renovations are needed at Koch.


Sky Williams is practicing with the Shockers to give them a healthy body. Isn’t eligible to play.

Not impossible, but I would take 16 and be much more confident.


I’ll go with 16-2 while realizing a team full of four-year seniors went 16-2 two years ago. The MVC was tougher then.

Paul Miller scoring 30 vs. SIU in 2006. Great game by both teams. Great efforts by Tatum, Miller.


Sounds like he has issues to work out before choosing a school. Lot of schools with ask. I’m not sure how interested WSU is.