Twitter Q&A – Alabama

Then the nation would ask “Who is that with Ron Baker?”

Fred VanVleet, for those keeping track in a media guide and compiling a season-long score.

Doubt it. He looked fine in shoot around. Iced the ankle toward the end. He’s doing warmups now.

No. He had a news conference tonight. I did not attend.

Sounds about right. When you’re 10-0, I guess you’ve got to keep picking with them. I might narrow that score some since it’s on the road. Alabama will be desperate for a quality win. They’ve whiffed on several chances.

WSU is No. 11 in the AP poll. That’s pretty good recognition. I regularly see stories from Sports Illustrated etc. on the Shockers. I think the nation knows.

Tonight and UNI. Always tough to win on the road. Playing at UNI comes after a trip to Indiana State. Rough timing for the Shockers.

No. Lawrence’s Tom Keegan has the Kansas vote.

Whomever guards Trevor Releford has the most important job for WSU. Probably Fred to start and Tekele might get a turn depending on how things go. Alabama’s Retin Obasohan is playing well lately and will also be a tough guard.

I’ll keep an eye out for him. Isn’t he in jail?