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No. But it’s early and not many people are here. I’ll keep you updated.


740 AM, 102.3 FM. And shame on you for not listening to Mike Kennedy and Bob Hull on your smart phone.


I think this is a tough one. First road game for a lot of new Shockers, or Shockers in new roles. Tulsa is 0-2, meaning desperate. Should be a good crowd. WSU 69, TU 63.


Losing to Missouri State and ORU (at home) tells me Tulsa is definitely a work in progress. It starts four sophomores, so that tells you something. I don’t think this will be easy for WSU. At some point, I expect WSU’s experience to provide some separation. WSU will probably have to play better for longer than it did in the previous four games.


  I’m spilling Bob Lutz’s Super Big Gulp Dr Pepper on the floor as we speak.


Yes. You can read more about Eric’s decision at