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I’d like to see a few more games, but so far, you are correct. The players seem to have adjusted well and I don’t think much changed in practice or it’s something the coaches had to harp on. We’ll see if that changes tonight.


Tribe fans representing. I’m not expecting a repeat of the 1997 overtime thriller.

@PaulSuellentrop of the four signees, whom do you believe has the chance to make the biggest impact next season?

I’ll go with Bush Wamukota because he fills WSU’s biggest need. If he can rebound and defend the lane, he will play. My second choice would be Rashard Kelly, because power forward appears to be open for some minutes next season and the coaches love how hard Kelly plays. If he can rebound as well as they claim, he will probably play. It’s harder to see a lot of playing time available for Zach Brown on the wing or Corey Henderson Jr. at guard. Henderson probably has the best shot, depending on how he handles point guard.

It is hard to get more than two, no matter how well your team plays. I’ll have to look and see how many SIU got when it dominated.

Not sure how to answer the first part because I think the expectations are even for all four. None of them seem to stand out, or come in with low expectations. Wamukota might be that guy, because he barely contributed last season at an NAIA school Wamukota’s upside is supposedly high. He’s 6-11 with some athletic ability, so he has a lot of potential. Of course, everybody does on signing day.

Impossible to answer that in November. If I had a halfway decent guess, I’d try. Too early to even take a wild shot.

Seems to be mostly a technique thing. The bigs are using their hands to box out, and balls bounce over them. Some of it is putting a body on their opponent. I’m sure it’s addressed often in practice.