Wichita State-Baylor scrimmage

Wichita State and Baylor scrimmaged on Saturday at Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, Okla.

It was a closed scrimmage with no media or fans allowed. The teams went through four segments, one with situational drills and three scrimmmages. Here’s what I’ve heard from observers:

  • Get used to this one: Fouls and lots of fouls. Referees are going to be policing hand-checks, chest bumps and arm-bars a lot closer. That’s been the word from exhibitions and scrimmages around the country and it held true in the WSU-Baylor scrimmages. It will take teams some time to adjust and you may see more zone defenses because of the change.
  • Baylor possesses several athletic bigs, including 7-footer Isaiah Austin. WSU’s Chadrack Lufile, Kadeem Coleby, Darius Carter and Cleanthony Early held up well against the Bears. Lufile, in particular, continued to play well.
  • WSU sophomore Fred VanVleet ran the team effectively and looked good in end-of-the-shot clock situations creating for himself and others. With Malcolm Armstead gone, a lot of that burden will fall on VanVleet.