Marshall likes the practice change

NCAA rules makers made several changes for college basketball recently and turned down a chance to make one big alteration to the game. The headliners is a change in the start of fall practice. The big one that won’t change is the shot clock.

Wichita State coach Gregg Marshall is good with both.

In short, practices can begin six weeks before the first regular-season game. Coaches can get in 30 practices of that time. Previously, they got four weeks. That puts most practices starting around Sept. 27.

Marshall likes the idea of spreading out his practice time. He may consider a schedule that practices for three or four days, then takes a day or two off.  More time to teach and work around classes is helpful.

“I think this gives you more flexibility,” he said. “It gives you more time to implement your stuff. You’re starting earlier, so there is more time to get it their head, from a teaching standpoint.”

 A decline in scoring sparked a national debate about the length of the shot clock. Some coaches advocated cutting to back to force more possessions and, theoretically, help the offense. Not everyone agrees with that theory, and the NCAA did not make changes to the shot clock.

“I like it where it is,” Marshall said. “I’m not trying to become the NBA.”

The NCAA rules committee made other changes, most notably to the replays in the final two minutes and block/charge calls.