Final Four numbers stuff

Wichita State senior Demetric Williams cuts down the nets in Los Angeles.

Tradition has always been an important part of Wichita State basketball, even when that tradition served as a reminder of what the Shockers used to be. In 2000, talk of WSU’s basketball tradition seemed sad, because it appeared the 1960s and 1980s existed only as memories.

That started to change in 2006 with a Sweet 16. The 2011 NIT title added a nice piece to that history, and you can decide how much weight to give those five wins. This season’s Final Four lifts the Shockers into another level one, a lot of prominent schools aren’t a part of if Final Fours are the measuring stick.

  • Schools with two Final Fours include – DePaul, Georgia Tech, Bradley, Butler, Maryland, Providence, Purdue, Temple, St. John’s, Virginia, Stanford, West Virginia
  • Schools with one or none include – BYU, Missouri, Wake Forest, Washington, Notre Dame, Dayton, Creighton, Xavier

Some other 2013 NCAA Tournament numbers from the Missouri Valley Conference:

  • The five wins by the MVC (four by WSU, one  by Creighton) is the most in conference history. Five times MVC schools won four games.
  • WSU is the fifth No. 9 seed to defeat a No. 1 seed. The others are UNI (over Kansas, 2010) UAB (Kentucky, 2004), Boston College (North Carolina, 1994), UTEP (Kansas, 1992).
  • WSU’s 111 wins the past four seasons are tied with VCU for seventh in the nation: 131 – Kansas, 124 – Duke, 123 – Kentucky; Ohio State, 121 – Syracuse, 112 – BYU, 111 - Wichita State, VCU
  • WSU is the sixth MVC team to win 30 games: Indiana State 33 in 1979; Bradley 32 in 1950; Bradley 32 in 1951; Bradley 32 in 1986; UNI 30 in 2010; WSU 30 in 2013