Wichita State at Creighton

Final: CU 68, WSU 56. Shocker big men 3 for 18 from the field.

3:52 remaining: CU 61, WSU 50. Murry has 16 points, 14 in the first half. Woodfox has 14 for the Jays. WSU has done a good job shadowing him. You can’t let him free for a second. Creighton is 5 of 14 from three and 14 of 17 from the line.

Crowd of 17,954 is Creighton’s largest. I would not have guessed that after looking around. Husker football must not be playing.

6:56 remaining: CU 58, WSU 44. CU isn’t shooting light’s out (46.5 percent and 30.8 from three) but it’s plenty to run off WSU. The rebounding battle is getting tighter – 33-28.

8:57 remaining: CU 53, WSU 41. Five straight misses by WSU.

11:06 remaining: CU 49, WSU 39. Shockers cut it to 44-39. Then two turnovers and a miss turned into a three by Korver and a layup by Dotzler.

14:20 remaining: CU 40, WSU 33. WSU 12 of 40 from the field, 2 of 14 from three. 1 of 4 from the line after going 6 of 8 in the first half. Pretty much the recipe for playing hard, staying close and losing.

Halftime: CU 33, WSU 28. Turnover just before the half hurt. WSU had a timeout to use and assistant Chris Jans wanted to. Gregg Marshall let the Shockers play, even after the possession broke down, and it didn’t work out. Good half. WSU is not shooting well, but is in it because of rebounding. WSU held Woodfox to three points. Hannah leads WSU with 11 points. WSU is out-rebounding CU 21-13. Nine turnovers hurt, especially because they seem to be coming in the halfcourt, not against the press.

Quick Change is here. WIthout a doubt the best halftime show. WSU is not having them in this season. Thank goodness Creighton is. Those two are the only halftime show I pay much attention to. Spinning plates, mascot basketball, frisbee dogs – they’re all nice but it’s not Quick Change.

3:54 remaining: WSU 25, CU 24. Hawkins with a tip dunk. The Shockers look a little more confident with each offensive success, and they need some. Shooting 37 percent from the field, 2 of 9 from three. But they have taken 11 more shots than Creighton, thanks in part to seven offensive rebounds.

7:35 remaining: WSU 20, CU 18. Shockers are handling CU’s press well and getting easy shots when they beat it. Sometimes that seems to happen early, then the press starts to wear away and it gets tougher. We’ll see. It’s absolutely the right approach.

10:55 remaining: WSU 14, CU 14. WSU will be significantly better team if Mantas can play 18-22 minutes (my precise figure) a night. His shooting can cure a lot of problems. WSU is off to a good start, which can be made better if they stop fouling. CU has seven free throws already.

15:22 remaining: CU 7, WSU 4. Surviving these early minutes is crucial. First Valley start for three Shockers and their first game in front of a significant crowd. We saw the first missed shot of Booker Woodfox’s career.

WSU starters - Hannah, Clemente, Murry, Hawkins, Durley. CU - Carter, Stinnett, Dotzler, Woodfox, Lawson.

Garrett Stutz made the trip and participated in the shootaround.

Around the Valley

  • Quite a surprising day in the MVC. By my guess, two or perhaps three underdogs won. Missouri State almost did. Bradley hammers SIU today. Not what I expected. Illinois State needed to rally from 15 points down to beat Missouri State. Evansville is off to its best start in 14 seasons after beating Drake. Indiana State beat UNI in double overtime in what may be a season-saver for the Sycamores and certainly is a stunning setback for the Panthers. Let’s all hope Terre Haute Tribune-Star sportswriter Todd Golden gets home safely.