Central Kansas elk increasing

It’s OK, you can go ahead and tell people what you saw.

Ten years ago probably nobody would have believed you, but these days it would be hard for anyone to doubt that you’ve seen an elk in central Kansas.

Not only do we have elk scattered around, they are reproducing…at least in Reno County.

This bull elk, photographed recently by a trail camera, is one of at least two along a stream in Reno County. At least two cows, each with calves, are in the same area. Reports of elk in central Kansas increase annually.

A buddy recently sent me a couple of trail camera photos of a bull he has on some property he manages along a stream that runs through the county. As well as that bull, he’s seen another on the same property, as well as at least two cows with calves in the same area.

No clue where they’ve come from, but this is at least the third year elk have been seen, and shown up on trail cams, in the region of Kingman, Reno and Stafford counties. Last year a bull was poached near the Reno/Rice county line.