Coyote hunting regs unchanged. “Spook” Spann back in federal court to face charges.

A Wildlife and Parks request to make it illegal to hunt coyotes with vehicles and/or with the use of two-way communications during the 12 day firearms deer season was denied Thursday night in Garden City. Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Commission members said such a regulation would unfairly punish those who legally are hunting coyotes by such means.

Game wardens requested the regulation change to battle illegal deer hunters using vehicles and two-way communications, then claim to be hunting coyotes when checked by law enforcement officials. Commissioners Don Budd and Gerald Lauber said they did not like to turn down a law enforcement request but didn’t want to unfairly punish one style of hunter, largely those who pursue coyotes with dogs, who are not the source of the problem.

Commissioners also asked law enforcement officials to provide specific numbers of complaints so they can better discuss the issue in more detail next year.

The commission learned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is raising the limit of teal from four to six per day for the upcoming September teal season.

Also, television hunting show host William “Spook” Spann spent much of Thursday in federal court in Kansas City, answering to charges he violated a probation he has been serving for illegally shooting a huge whitetail buck in Kansas several years ago.


More details from Thursday’s Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Commission meeting will be on the Outdoors page of The Wichita Eagle and at on Sunday.