Casts and Blasts on Theresa Vail -Avid Bowhunter/Miss Kansas

A few details that didn’t make the Sunday Outdoors page feature on Theresa Vail, the current Miss Kansas that’s loved the outdoors for most of her life.


–Theresa actually got her start squirrel hunting in Germany, where she claims they have “huge fox squirrels.”

– The family squirrel recipe is a stew that includes sauerkraut and beef broth. (Yes, I will be getting that recipe.)

– Like many women, she’s left eye-dominant and shoots a left-handed bow. Theresa said her success shooting military weapons improved greatly when she started shooting left-handed several years ago.

– Her right forearm holds a slight scar from where the bowstring often slaps her skin after the shot.

– She’s successfully hunted wild turkeys with a shotgun, but wants to hunt them with a bow.

– Though her schedule is very busy with Miss Kansas duties, she hopes to try bowhunting for mule deer this fall near Pratt.

– One of her dreams is to hunt bears with her bow and arrow.

– She has no photos of herself ¬†and the 150-class eight-pointer she shot last fall in Ohio. She said the shot was made late in the evening, and she had to catch a flight early the next morning. That’s when her friends recovered the deer. She does have a video clip of the hunt and her voice can be heard after the shot.

– Though she likes to hunt deer with a bow, and squirrels with a 20 gauge, Theresa said she has a 12 gauge with a red dot scope for her home defense weapon of choice.

– Theresa is at least the fourth Miss Kansas, including both the Miss America and Miss USA pageants, to enjoy shooting and/or hunting in about the past 15 years.