Ark River Coalition Float Saturday, on the Kansas River System

Talk about making the right decision! A few weeks ago the Arkansas River Coalition postponed a planned float on the Kansas River System near Junction City because of cold and snow. Their rescheduled date of April 6, this Saturday, when the temperatures are supposed to be in the 60s, sounds much, much better.

Below is a copied press release from the Ark River Coalition.

If you’ve never been on an Ark River Coalition event, it’s your loss. While the group of volunteers dedicated to helping protect their favorite river by sharing it with as much as the public as possible can’t control things like stream levels and the weather, their generosity and dedication are as good as any conservation group in Kansas.

Please note they’ll furnish equipment for those in need, with proper notice.

FLOAT COORDINATOR Wally Seibel.  Contact-  email or home 316-684-0730.

Cell contact on 4/6/13 at launch site – Vince Marshall at 316-680-9669

MEETING TIME:   Meet at the put in at 9:00 am and begin shuttle soon thereafter.

1.  On Saturday, April 6, drive to Junction City (about 112 miles, 2 hours drive).
2.  Meet at the Grant Ave. (becomes Custer Rd.) Republican River bridge access site.
3.  Run a shuttle to/from the Ogden river access site (exit on K-18 and Ogden interchange).
4.  Return to Junction City and launch float.
5.  Enjoy a float down the Kansas River (river terrain & water flow similar to that of the Arkansas River….in a good year that is!)
6.  Lunch on a sandbar along the float route.
7.  Stop at the Ogden access point by mid-afternoon….day paddlers finish and head for home.
8.  Overnight campers shuttle vehicles, and continue the float to a camping location on a sandbar on the Kansas River below Ogden.
9.  On Sunday, April 7, paddlers finish the float to the Manhattan access located beneath the south end of the K-177 bridge.

REQUIRED:  A signed waiver of liability is required of each participating paddler.  All participants must
wear a PFD (life jacket) while on the water; no exceptions.

REQUIRED IN COLD WEATHER (water and the air temperature both below 60 deg. F.):  Unless you are an experienced paddler equipped with ‘high tech’ gear we will want to verify that the listed requirements >are met.  Cold weather paddling presents special challenges and dangers. In case of a spill, all soaked, wet clothing must be removed very quickly and be replaced with dry to prevent hypothermia. We will be prepared to quickly make a warming fire where possible and carry towels, sleeping bags and warming blankets.

1.  Do not wear garments like jeans and sweatshirts made of cotton, they are heavy and very cold when wet and take forever to dry.  Wear garments of man made fabrics or wool; wool retains it’s insulating properties even when damp or wet.
2.  Wear boots that will keep your feet dry in water up to 12 inch depth.
3. Bring a complete change of clothes secured in a dry bag. If you don’t have a dry bag, a trash compactor bag with the opening twisted, turned back on itself and rubber banded makes an excellent substitute.
4. Layer your clothing, the amount of clothing for a cold morning needs to be adjusted when the sun rises in the sky and you are paddling hard.
PROHIBITED:  Consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly not allowed while floating or during rest lunch stops.

MEDICAL:  Participants should be in good health and good physical condition.  It takes extra time and expense, which a participant needing assistance will be responsible for, to receive medical attention while on the river.

NEED A KAYAK?  We have loaner kayaks, paddles and PFDs available.  If you need a kayak please let Wally at or 316-684-0730 as soon as possible.

COST There is no cost for joining our floats which are made possible by voluntary, tax deductible, donations from friends, supporters and participants like you-$15 donation suggested when using ARC supplied equipment. Please make donation checks payable to The Arkansas River Coalition, Inc.