Possible state record giant buck found dead?

Buckmasters, a leading hunting-based club promoting everything white-tailed deer, recently published an online article about a buck supposedly found dead in Kansas last summer that grossed about 330-inches of antler. The photo of the antlers is nothing short of eye-popping to those who appreciate world-class antlers.


The buck was supposedly found dead, probably dying from EHD last summer, with 55 scorable points and more mass than the business end of a Louisville Slugger. The story says the buck had been in trail camera photos several times, then seemingly disappeared. A man hoping to hunt the buck went looking, found the buck dead along a creek…which is how many EHD victims are found.

The story also says the family that found the buck is asking to stay anonymous, to keep the location of buck’s home territory secret.

If true, and there’s no reason to believe it’s not, the antlers would be one of probably less than 20 whitetail racks to gross more than 300 points in the world.

The Kansas state record non-typical nets about 280-inches, and was shot about 25 years ago near Topeka. The Buckmasters scoring system basically goes by gross scores, with no deductions for a lack of symmetry so it’s currently not possible to compare the rack to the current state-record.

Also, Wildlife and Parks only recognizes bucks legally taken for their record book.

Buckmasters promises more details in an upcoming magazine article.