Bald eagles help insure there’s no waste in the wilds

A mature bald eagle takes a break from eating on a deer carcass. So far only one eagle has been on the scene. Other set-ups have shown five or more eagles utilizing the remains of a deer.

Nature is a wonderful system, where so many different kinds of life forms rely on one another. It’s a system where everything has a purpose, and part of the purpose is meeting the needs of other animals…that eventually means providing them with food.

Having witnessed that thousands of times over several decades many of us who hunt have become dedicated to helping the process along. Rather it be ducks or deer, cottontails or wild turkeys, once we get the meat we need from the game we kill, the rest goes back to the wilds to complete the cycle.

No doubt many expected coyotes opossums, crows, turkey vultures, the occasional bobcat and badger have benefited from such leftovers.

Two red-tailed hawks spar for dominance at the deer carcasses. Best known for their killing ability, redtails will gladly take an easier meal.

Last week a trail camera placed on the boned-out carcasses of two whitetails does I shot Monday afternoon captured a bald eagle and red-tailed hawks, species some may not associate with playing clean-up crew, taking advantage of easy venison.

I’ll leave the trail camera on the carcasses for a few weeks to see what else happens, and probably add a few geese and another remnants of a deer to the spot.

We’ll see what else happens.