Arkansas River among waters with a fish consumption warning

Local anglers won’t want to be feasting on fish from a few local waters.

Largemouth bass are one of several species of predatory fish that should be eaten in moderation because of possible high levels of mercury, according to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment recently released their 2013 Fish Consumption Advisory.

Locally, they recommend no bottom-feeding fish be eaten on the Arkansas River, from the Lincoln Street dam down to Cowskin Creek near Belle Plaine. The warning is mainly for fish like buffalo, carp and catfish (except for flathead catfish). The say PCB levels are too high in that stretch of water. It’s the same for Cow Creek from in Hutchinson all the way to the Arkansas River.

Those fishing the Little Arkansas River, in Wichita, from Main Street west of Valley Center to the Arkansas River in Wichita are advised to eat no more than one meal per month from the river.

The public is also being advised to not eat more than one meal of predatory fish, like black bass, walleye, wiper, crappie, ┬áper week from anywhere in Kansas. Only once a month if you’re pregnant, nursing a child or age 17 and under.


Mike Miller, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism information chief, said the waters in the advisory are largely the same as in 2012. Miller reminds the public to read the fine print. For some waters listed, the advisory is only against eating shellfish from those waters.