Different location, same photo, same mountain lion hoax

The widely circulated photo of a mountain lion dragging a buck is back again, said to be north of Ellis. It’s a hoax that’s been in at least a dozen states, and a half-dozen locations in Kansas. The original is from Texas.

Here we go again with the tried, but far from true, photo of the mountain lion dragging a deer by a feeder. ┬áThis time the e-mail I got said it was from a place north of Ellis, Kansas, with the usual garbage about proving those wrong who’ve said Kansas doesn’t have mountain lions.

First, the photo is from Texas several years ago, according to the Cougar Network, a science-based group that tracks the expansion of mountain lions. Since, the photo has been credited to at least a dozen states, including Pennsylvania, Alabama, Maine, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa…and at least a half-dozen places in Kansas. (Poor cat must be sooooo tired of dragging that buck all those thousands of miles, and never stopping for a venison snack.)

And in 31 years, I’ve never heard anyone from Wildlife and Parks deny we might have mountain lions in Kansas…but they used to say they had no proof. That changed in 2007 when a rancher near Medicine Lodge shot a mountain lion on his property. Since, we’ve had a total of nine confirmations. Most have been from good trail camera photos,…though none showed a cat dragging a deer by a feeder in the desert.