What’s next, camo dentures?

This camouflaged house is in some of Kansas’ finest hunting territory – Elk County, just south of Fall River.

OK, so I’ve watched this camo craze grow from just basic military camo patterns on pants and jackets 35 years ago to a special pattern for every occasion. We have camo for marshlands, marshlands in the snow, sage brush, sitting in pine trees, sitting in oaks and even a pattern that looks like a a blue sky for bowfishermen shooting down on carp and gar.

Along the way I’ve seen camo casual clothing, camo toilet paper, camo billfolds, camo cell phones, camo underwear and camo formal wedding and prom gowns. And there are camo stripes on nice trucks and old trucks totally camoed up with a few cans of spray paint.

But, I think a trip this fall through Elk County was the fist time I’d ever seen a camouflaged house. Pretty nicely done, don’t you think?

Gee, I wonder what they do in their freetime…think it hides them well enough from door-to-door salesmen?