Well,…a deep and possibly dangerous subject

My father, may he rest in peace, was really good about worrying and warning.

He once stood in his front yard and blew a whistle for 20 minutes. It had just gotten dark, and he was afraid I’d gotten lost walking out from a treestand…despite the fact that I know our small farm better than I do my current yard. Dad also suggested we put a strip of blaze orange tape down the side of our silver car because it too closely matched the color of  faded pavement.

And so many times he warned me to be extra careful when walking in the woods, especially around old homesteads, and to be sure I didn’t fall down some abandoned old well.

Well, it appears that some poor guy’s dad didn’t give him sufficient warning and he ended up in a well, and almost died.


That said, though, a buddy in Manhattan once showed me such an old well near Tuttle Creek Reservoir. It had been partially covered with old, mostly rotten boards when he’d first found it.   Sadly, the skeleton of several animals could be seen down in the well.  It’s since been filled in with assorted brush, rocks and chunks of trees.