More Casts and Blasts from the Oct. 18 Wildlife and Parks Commission meeting

The final installment of news from last week’s Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Commission meeting at Flint Oak -

– Lloyd Fox, Wildlife and Parks big game program coordinator, said the department is pursuing offering non-residents a combination permit that pairs a whitetail antlerless-only permit with an any-whitetail permit. The legislature mandated the creation of some sort of combination permit in hopes that hunters would shoot more whitetail does if they already have an antlerless-only ┬ápermit. Fox said non-residents were picked because of the 21,000 permits sold to non-resident whitetail hunters, only 5,600 non-resident whitetail antlerless permits were sold. Also, many areas with high deer populations are leased for non-resident hunting opportunities. Fox suggested the combo permit could sell for $315. Currently it’s about $300 for an any- whitetail permit and $50 for an antlerless whitetail permit. The concept will be discussed in greater detail at future meetings.

– At the department’s request, the commission approved a new creel limit of 20 crappie per day at Glen Elder Reservoir, down from the usual 50 fish per day. Doug Nygren, fisheries chief, said the request was made by area anglers hoping to prolong good fishing from several good year-classes. Nygren said such a daily creel limit change has never been proven to help a fishery, largely because crappie are a short-lived species.

– The next commission meeting is Jan. 10, in El Dorado.