When paybacks are Heaven

So ,maybe the old saying about good things happening to good people is really true.

At least it seems that way for Ryan and Brent Dugan.

Ryan Dugan's great non-typical seems only fitting after he invested so much time helping paralyzed Carl Hall get a nice buck during the disabled deer season. (Dugan had removed the orange cap and vest he was wearing during the hunt, so better photos could be taken.)

The brothers had spent much of their free time the previous three weeks getting ready to take Carl Hall on a deer hunt. Hall, a former Wichita State baseball star, is now mostly paralyzed from the neck down.

The Dugan brothers and their dad, Mark, had their hands full – scouting properties, running trail cams, selecting places that could be accessed by Hall’s special-needs van, and building a cabin-size blind of hay.

The work paid off, and Hall shot a dandy 10-pointer on their second hunt. YOU CAN CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT CARL HALL’S HUNT.

Beginning with the Sept. 17 opening of archery/muzzleloader season, the Dugans began hunting another property. Their goal was a cool looking non-typical they’d nicknamed Swamp Donkey because it bedded near a swamp on one of their properties.

Though trail cam pics originally showed the great buck feeding in the daylight, its travels got progressively later and later.

At least one evening last week the Dugans saw the buck come to the field just after legal shooting time, and they wondered if they’d get a chance at the deer during proper time.

Finally last Thursday evening, as dusk was spreading, Brent Dugan caught a glimpse of the buck back in some timber near the crop field, hanging back and probably waiting for darkness before entering the open field.

Fearing they might get the buck confused with others in the field, he kept it centered in his binoculars as time ticked away.

With one minute of shooting time left, the buck stepped into the field and Ryan Dugan followed is brother’s verbal directions to make sure the buck in his sights was the buck he was after. The shot of about 170 yards with the family muzzleloader was dead-on, and the buck was down.

Swamp Donkey  carried a nice droptine, bases almost as big as a soda can and a total of 18 scorable points. They rough-scored the buck at about 185 gross non-typical points.

That’s a great buck that both brothers can be proud of.

Now it’s going to be Brent’s turn, and after helping his brother score on Swamp Donkey, he’s even more deserving of a great buck this season.

Some of the best hunting of the fall seasons is yet to come.