Working for a special first deer

Carl Hall smiles and jokes as he gets ready for a deer hunt Sunday evening.

It’s taken Carl Hall more than 40 years to get around to hunting for deer.

The former Wichita State baseball stand-out from the 1990s spent some his most memorable days following bird dogs for quail and calling turkeys for family, friends and himself.

Adding a slight complication to this week of deer hunting is that Hall’s now confined to a wheelchair,  following a car accident in 2010.

But a special bracket that attaches to his chair lets Hall aim a .270 with a joystick that’s activated by his chin. Sipping on a straw fires the specially rigged rifle.

A nice eight-pointer was one of about 15 deer that passed Carl Hall's blind Sunday evening.

Sunday’s hunt in Barber County was one of those memorable times when about everything went right except for a shot being fired as Hall and four others peaked through cracks in a blind of hay bales big enough to feed  a big herd cattle for a month.

Bucks were seen, and a nice eight-pointer offered a slam-dunk opportunity while a bigger nine-pointer teased the hunters for a half-hour before simply walking off.

Stay tuned for updates, and probably a complete feature on Sunday’s outdoors page.