Great Bend sportsman appointed to wildlife commission

A Great Bend sportsman credits wanting to make a difference for accepting a position on the Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Commission.

Roger Marshall, 51, was recently appointed to the seven-member commission by Gov. Sam Brownback.

“I want to make my 50s the decade where I get to give back,” Marshall said. “I’m looking forward to it because I should be able to learn a lot and make a positive impact in some way. I think the commission can make a difference.”

A physician  of obstetrics and gynecology, Marshall describes himself as an all-around sportsman, though he’s particularly partial to waterfowl, pheasants and bowhunting for deer. He seldom hunts any of them alone.

“Taking people out, and helping them catch their first big fish, shoot their first deer or get their first turkey are really my favorites,” Marshall said. “I’ve shot enough pheasants and deer. I’d rather take someone out and call in their first turkey, and let them watch how that bird performs than shoot one myself.”

He credits his own childhood in El Dorado for his desire to help others.

“I was fortunate that I had a dad, an older brother, three uncles and two grandfathers,” he said. “Someone was always ready to take me fishing, hunting or boating every weekend.”

Marshall and his wife, Laina, have lived in Great Bend for 21 years. Their four children are aged 27-13. He is a landowner and enjoys improving the habitat on his Stafford County property.

Marshall, a Republican, replaces Frank Meyer, of Herington, on the bi-partisan commission. Meyer served two four-year terms.