Three more sentenced in major poaching case

Monday three more out-of-state men pleaded guilty and were sentenced for their parts in what some wildlife officials have called the biggest trophy deer poaching case in history.

In U.S. District Court, Bert Stelly, Amaudville, La, Ryan Pinkston, Center Tex., and Tim Metcalf, Lafayette, La., plead guilty to violating the Lacey Act, according to a U.S. District Court news release.

The Lacey Act prohibits transporting illegally taken animals across state borders and is a federal crime.

This brings to 25 the number of people charged with a variety of hunting-related violations while hunting out of Camp Lone Star, in Comanche County.

As had other defendants, all three men on Monday were given fines and will not be allowed to hunt, trap or guide for several years.

Stelly must pay $14,000 in fines and restitution and may not hunt for two years. Pinkston is to pay $8,000 and forgo hunting for two years. Metcalf is to pay $3,500 and may not hunt for one year.

Last year Camp Lone Star owner, James Butler was sentenced to pay $50,000 and 41 months in federal prison. His brother, Marlin Butler, was sentenced to pay $20,00 and 2 ΒΌ years in prison.

Their sentences are currently under appeal.