The weather’s hot, the lake’s low, the fishing?


It’s so hot the lake water feels like a nice bath.

Trollers try to beat the heat, and catch some fish, early Monday morning at Cheney Reservoir.

The lake’s so low the most popular courtesy dock for getting into boats is sitting in the mud.

So it was when Mark Fowler and I hit Cheney Reservoir Monday morning. How’d we do?

– It only took us about 10 minutes to catch the first fish of the day.

– Mark was disappointed in the number of fish caught, but it was his best day of ┬áthe year for another factor.

– I caught my ugliest fish of the year, and was danged glad to have it.

– We were both disappointed we didn’t catch a single keeping-sized wiper.

– A walleye somehow pulled a magic act and turned itself into a small wiper at the boat.

– I got enough material for a feature story on next Sunday’s Outdoors page,

- and……

...things turned out pretty well, overall.