And yet another great use for zucchini/squash

OK, so we’ve eaten enough grilled squash planks to build a battleship.

After making 24 loaves, I’m about baked-out when it comes to zucchini bread.

So,  it was a really big deal when a relative told us about yet another way for our garden’s most prosperous veggies to be prepared. That it’s ultra-healthy doesn’t hurt, either.

All you basically do is get a sizable squash, with the skin still on, a cheap potato peeler, and go crazy.

Well, it helps if you can make the strips as long as possible. Keep rotating the zuke or summer squash until you’re about down to the seeds.

I steamed our long strips in a strainer over boiling water. I’ve heard stir-frying works, too. I added garlic, and thinly sliced red pepper and onion to the strips for added flavor. It only takes a few minutes, like three to five, before the strips are done.

Voila!…you have a very tasty, and healthy, substitute for pasta.

We served ours with a spaghetti sauce that I’d started with a quality version in a jar and dressed up with fresh garden tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, peppers and browned venison burger. I basically just squeeze the ‘maters into the sauce to get as much juice as possible.

That’s it. We thought we’d try it once and it will probably be a staple for us every summer from here on.

But we’ll still be doing the grilled squash planks, zucchini bread, squash stir-fry, sauteed zucchini, ….