A whitetail doe with bling

Jamie Shirley recently photographed this whitetail doe in her yard. Nobody is sure how it got the plastic tubing on its neck.

Jamie Shirley shot these photos of a rather unique, but apparently very healthy, doe in her yard not long ago. She and her husband, Bill, are puzzled about exactly what the doe is wearing on her neck, and how it got there.

Any ideas?

Bill noted that some land managers put tubes around young trees to protect them from wildlife, often deer, but most of those tubes are much taller.

Some camera angles (below) show the tube isn’t particularly tight around the animal’s neck, though there’s the possibility it could become tangled on brush or wire and lead to an ugly death by the elements or coyotes.

Shirley can show you other pretty good pictures of deer carrying some pretty unique bling on their heads, too.

The non-typical buck from Marion County she shot in 1997 scored 257 1/8  on the Boone & Crockett measuring system. It was the largest buck shot in the world that year, and remains one of the absolute biggest ever shot by a woman. She’s also shot some nice bucks with a bow, too.