You think the drought is bad at your place, check this out

Nice rains last fall and winter gave many of us false hopes last year’s hideous drought was over.

The last month or so in south-central Kansas has proven that’s not the case.

This crack in a western Kansas wheat field is at least 20" deep. The area north of Garden City hasn't gotten significant rainfall since April 4.

But it could be worse.

Check-out this photo a buddy north of Garden City sent. It was taken in one of his wheat fields last weekend. The crack in the ground is at least 20-22″ deep.

The same farmer has 700 acres of planted milo that hasn’t had any rain since it was drilled several weeks ago.

The last decent rain in that region, and it was less than an inch, was April 4.

Two seasons ago was one of  the best pheasant seasons in his 50-plus years.

Last year was one of his worst.

This coming season could be even worse.

The frustrating thing is that there’s no silver-lining to severe drought, as when we get lots of rains.

If this summer has to be as dry as last year, let’s at least hope it is not nearly as hot.

Things aren’t looking good.