A boy and his turtle

When I found the box turtle last summer the plan was for my young friend Konner to care for the creature all summer, then release it into good habitat in early autumn so the animal could go through a natural hibernation.

After disappearing for most of last fall and winter, Konner's box turtle reappeared in his backyard...no doubt hungry for more strawberries.

But plans changed as Konner got attached to the terrapin he’d named Franklin. He learned of his pet’s fondness for strawberries and furnished them often.

Daily he took the turtle outside so it could get exercise. When Konner was to be gone most of the day, like going to school or a baseball tournament, he placed it in their backyard and then found it when he got home.

In early September I called and suggested a good place to release the turtle as we’d agreed. Konner’s mom was ready for the good-by event.

Konner was not. Tears flowed, a little boy pleaded and the turtle stayed and stayed.

And then one day in late September or early October his backyard search was in vain. No turtle was to be found. I figured the desire to find a suitable place for hibernation pushed the turtle to find a place to escape.

It was a long fall and winter for Konner, and the plan was for me to pick-up another turtle when I had a chance this spring.

But good news came about two weeks ago when Konner and his mom were outside their Newton home and saw movement coming across their lawn.

Not only was it a turtle, it was the one Konner had named Franklin!

Evidently he had simple searched out a suitable place for hibernation in the yard and was now ready for more strawberries.

So goes the happy ending in another story of a boy and his turtle.