Hunter mistakes friend for turkey, shoots him — twice!

A Minnesotan hunting in Kansas mistook his friend for one of these and shot him - twice.

The law is pretty plain – spring turkey hunters can only shoot “a bearded bird.”

Rules of hunter safety are pretty plain – “always be sure of your target.”

Still, a Minnesota man somehow mistook his hunting partner for a turkey at the Milford Wildlife Area Friday morning and shot him – TWICE!


Terrance Spaeth told law enforcement officials he mistook Brian Hansen for a wild turkey because he was wearing camo. He shot him once, mistook his writhing buddy for a flopping turkey so he fired again.

According to investigators, he only realized he’d shot a person “because of the moaning”

Hansen was taken to a hospital and it appears he’ll recover from the shooting. Fortunately he was 45 yards from the shotgun and not 25. That certainly could have been fatal.

Law enforcement is calling it an accident but it’s not. One person purposely pointed a shotgun at something and fired, twice. An accident is when you shoot a goose and it falls on a hunting partner, or if you trip and break your arm because you’re keeping both hands on your rifle or a shotgun malfunctions and fires when the safety is pushed off…with  the muzzle pointing in a safe direction.

Mistaking a man for a bird is wrong, Shooting something when you can’t be 100-percent sure of what you’re shooting at is dangerous, stupid and carries no excuse.

And to do it twice?

It’s a wonder he didn’t field-dress his buddy to make it easier to drag him to the truck.