Ted Nugent guilty of wildlife violations — again.

Comments he has made against President Obama,other Democrats, and the resulting federal investigation, aren’t the only problems in Ted Nugent’s world.

The outspoken guitar-playing, gun-rights advocating, outdoors television show host ,has pleaded  guilty to charges of killing game illegally for the second time in two years.

This time Nugent recently entered a plea agreement for illegally killing a second Alaskan black bear after he’d wounded another while filming an episode of his “Sprit of the Wild” television program. In that part of Alaska  wounding an animal cancels the hunter’s permit. In most areas a big game permit is not used until an animal is recovered.

YOU CAN CLICK HERE TO READ more about the current case against Ted Nugent.

As well as paying $10,000, the article said Nugent will not be allowed to hunt in Alaska for several years. I’ll have to check if that means he won’t be allowed to hunt in Kansas as part of an agreement between more than 40 states to honor penalties leveled in one of the others.

In 2010 Nugent also plead guilty to a variety of poaching charges in California, where he illegally used bait to attract and kill a blacktail buck with spike antlers. Shooting spike bucks was illegal  in that part of California. State wildlife officials made their case from what they saw on a “Spirit of the Wild” program.