Never too old to start hunting for turkeys

I get a lot of e-mails and photos about someone who has just shot their first turkey, on their first-ever hunt. Usually it’s a young child in the photo with the bird.

Last Friday I got such an e-mail and photo, but it was a 76-year-old grandmother hefting a nice longbeard.

Jane Hershberger waited 76 years to start hunting for turkeys, but she got off to a heck of a start with this 21-pound gobbler that carried an eight-inch beard.

That Jane Hershberger would try something new at her age isn’t a surprise to any of us who know her. She’s about as Type-A as a person can get and seems to have hit the ground running every day of her life.

Since the death of her best friend/husband, Glen, she’s taking over running their assorted rural properties in Chase and Harvey counties, and lavishing enough attention on their family for two grandparents.

A year or so ago she dropped what she was doing in Kansas and headed to Spain by herself to visit a granddaughter there for a while after college graduation.

Jane, who I have known for quite a few years, said she decided to go hunting to scratch another “someday I want to” from her bucket list. It also gave her a chance to spend some time outdoors with her visiting, son, Todd.

The gobbler was shot on one of the family properties, weighed 21 pounds and carried an eight-inch beard and 3/4-inch spurs. A two-year-old turkey for a 76 year-old turkey hunter.

I have no idea what else is on Jane’s bucket list – sky-diving, swimming with sharks, climbing a 13,000-foot mountain peak – but she’ll probably get it done.

Rock Chalk, Jane, and you go grandma, you keep on going.