Wichita Mayor takes trophy bird

Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer headed to this week’s Governor’s Turkey Hunt in El Dorado hoping to scratch another item from his bucket list — shooting a nice tom turkey.

Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer, center, with the trophy-sized tom turkey he shot Friday morning at the Governor's Turkey Hunt. Former Gov. Mike Hayden, left, called the bird into range on land scouted by Ramon Criss, right.

Early Friday morning he did that, taking a great Butler County gobbler called in by Mike Hayden, on land scouted by Ramon Criss. Brewer’s turkey had a beard of moreĀ  than 11 inches.

At the end of the first day of hunting his bird was the second largest shot at the hunt. Gov. Sam Brownback has yet to shoot a bird and hopes to hunt an hour or so Saturday morning before heading to another engagement.

Friday he declined several opportunities on young toms, called jakes, called in by Will Johnson while hunting with Brad Young.

About half of the 70-plus hunters shot birds.

The hunt ends at 5 p.m. on Saturday.