To heck with walleye, I want to catch some elvers!

Seriously, you can have your great-tasting crappie and walleye. To heck with those acrobatic rainbow trout and powerful stripers. I’d even trade a trip to Panama for marlin and tuna for a decent shot at catching some match-sized little fish in Maine!

They’re called elvers, which means they are basically fingerling eels. They’re kinda of ugly, swiggly and worth about $2,000 per pound. YOU CAN CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT THEM ON THE OUTDOOR HUB.

Apparently a shortage of eels around the globe, which I guess some people consider fine dining, has sent the price of elvers through the roof. Last year they were “only” selling for around $900 per pound. (Wow, who’d have thought about adding 50 pounds of elvers to their 401K last year ¬†Wish I would have.)

Only about 400 commercial fishermen are given permits to harvest elvers in Maine this year, but surely these prices will have poachers and assorted fortune seekers out in full strength. (“Whata ya in for buddy…you were selling WHAT on the black market?”)

The article and video clip doesn’t really say how the elvers are caught, though nets are shown, or how many ounces or pounds per week a hard-working commercial angler might catch.

The report says one pound of Maine elvers will grow into about $30,000 worth of edible adult eels in Asia. That kind of makes you wonder why some of these elvers are not being grown in American aquaculture ponds, too. I guess it’s mainly because there is no ready market for eel fillets in the U.S.

When it comes to on the table, I’m not alone in preferring crappie, walleye or a big tuna steak.