Like strutting turkeys and the arrival of purple martins, asparagus says spring is here

Daffodils are nice. Tulips, too.

And it’s nice to see tom turkeys strutting around and purple martins cruising about. But probably my biggest “it’s here” smile came last Friday when I found a few spears of asparagus sprouting in our garden. Since, the number as gone up from six to nine or ten. Some of the spears seem to double in height every day.

Part of the joy is simple relief that something survived last summer’s desert-like heat and drought. Much of the happiness is that things will be growing and feeding us for the next five or six months…I hope.

The sight of a half-meal’s worth of asparagus popping up made it a lot easier to dedicate half of Saturday to spreading mulch, some farm-based fertilizer and do this spring’s roto-tilling.

It’ll be another month before I add much to the garden, and closer to two months before we get serious with things like tomatoes, squash, egg plant and others.

But at least now I can head out every day with some hope that something else may be growing.