Geocaching class at Exploration Place on Saturday

Geocaching 101, a beginners-level course on geocaching, will begin at 11 a.m. Saturday at Exploration Place.

The event is free, should last about two hours and will be taught by members of the Wichita Geocaching Society.

Geocaching is a rapidly growing outdoors pastime, with several million participants worldwide, that came about after the wide-spread availability of personal global positioning systems.

Many refer to it as a high-tech treasure hunt, where people go online for gps coordinates and clues to help them find hidden caches. There, they often exchange trinkets and sign a log book of those who’ve found the hidden cache. The cache may be contained in anything from an old can, a rotten log or some elaborate form of camouflage. Most “cachers” take great pride in the creativity of the caches they’ve hidden.

Charlie Fair, one of the instructors, said there are currently about 9,400 caches hidden in Kansas, including about 200 within two miles of Exploration Place.

Exploration Place is also featuring a geocaching exhibit through April 15, including a maze where the public follows GPS coordinates to find the exit.