Great owl video, but not a Raytheon bird

We all get e-mail photos and videos that seem to be good true, right?

So it seems to be with a neat video that’s circulating around Wichita, claiming to be taken by a security camera at Raytheon, according to an e-mail I got this morning. A friend’s e-mail said it was shot at another local airplane manufacturer.

CLICK HERE to check out some great footage of an owl flying towards a camera in slow motion.

As I watched it the first time it struck me that the bird didn’t look like a great-horned, barred or any other owl native to this area. It also looked like it had some kind of leather bracelets on each leg.

Bob Gress, of the Great Plains Nature Center, had already seen the footage and confirmed the bird is an eagle owl that’s being handled by a falconer. (Or is it an owler?) We can’t say for sure where it was taken but it doesn’t look like some place where a major airplane manufacturer would have a security camera.

Anyway, it is fun to watch but chalk it up with other online hoaxes like the guy in the garage with the mountain lion supposedly shot near Leon, or the mountain lioness with two cubs supposedly eating a dead deer by Wellington, or the mountain lion supposedly dragging a nice eight-point buck by a feeder in the Flint Hills, or the mountain lion…

Well, at least this online hoax with some neat footage and it’s not another mountain lion.