New Cabela’s store offers more than just hooks and bullets

Wichita’s new Cabela’s ended more than a year of anticipation since its announcement by showing itself to the media Tuesday morning.

The store will open at 11 a.m. March 14 and be followed by about five days of grand opening events.

Familiar with the Kansas City store’s space of about 180,000 square feet, I was curious what the local store could do with its 80,000 square feet. Basically the store near K-96 and Greenwich is just a smaller version of the store in K.C. and the famed headquarters store in Sidney, Neb.

On each side of a wide center aisle that leads to a trademark rising mountain with animals mounts, are aisles of everything from basic fishing bobbers and camping lanterns to a wide range of clothing and five-figure firearms.

Most of the popular brands and items appear to be available, though not always in high numbers on the shelves.

Unique to retail stores in this area will be -

- A  4,000-gallon aquarium that’s void of fish now, but should someday hold many local species.

- More than 250 animal mounts, ranging from a gerbil-sized ermine to life-sized moose.

- Located in a private nook, the Gun Library holds scores of collectible firearms including original Winchesters that helped settle the West, and new custom-made guns for everything from doves to elephants.

- There’s a pick-up location where people can get items they’ve ordered online or over the phone from the company, and not pay shipping charges.

Check The Eagle’s Outdoors page on Sunday for a more detailed review.