Four-foot fly rod casts like a dream

Most of my fly-rods are nine-footers. The shortest I’ve ever used is  6 1/2 feet and it seemed like a toy.

So I had to do an audible double-take when Neal Hall talked about doing a casting demonstration with a rod that was 4 feet, 2 inches. A well-known fly-angler and custom rod builder, Neal knows his stuff so I picked his brain for more details.

Made of woven bamboo, this 4' 2' fly rod casts like a rod twice its length.

He’d borrowed the rod from friend Cody Rolph, who was at the Sports Show promoting his Bighorn River Lodge in Montana. Somewhere in his travels he’d found the short rod of woven bamboo.

I walked to his booth and he gave me a  look at the three-weight rod. It’s called a Braided Creek Rod and looked even shorter than a section of my favored two-piece rod.

Cody talked of making 60-foot casts with the rod, which I didn’t doubt because he’s basically a professional trout outfitter. We headed outside so I could try the pygmy fishing pole.

It took a little flailing, but I was working out casts of about 50 feet after a very few casts. Pretty cool.

Cody said the price was $650, which certainly isn’t bad for high-quality fly rods…but it’s not something I can justify spending with so many regular rods on hand.

But I danged sure learned something new…

You can click here for  more information on Braided Creek Rods.