Boat taxation issue to go to voters, and other legislative happenings

Thursday the Kansas Senate passed legislation that will allow Kansas voters to decide if the taxation rates on boats and other water vessels should be lowered. Currently Kansas has some of the highest such rates in the nation.

That’s lead to thousands of Kansans registering their boats in neighboring states, mainly Oklahoma.

Those favoring a law change state more competitive tax rates could lead to much better law compliance, increased boat sales and all without a major loss of revenue because of the increased boat sales and compliance. The issue is expected to be a tough sell in November.

Also in the legislature,  a deer-related bill was passed from the house committee on agriculture and natural resources. The portion that would allow the use of crossbows during the archery season was deleted while regulations that would require Wildlife and Parks to offer a pre-rut rifle season for antlerless whitetails and a combination permit that allows the taking of a buck and a doe per permit remained.

Action to add crossbows back to the bill is expected when it’s debated by the house.

A bill that would remove the exemption Kansans 65 and older have had from purchasing hunting and fishing licenses is expected be in the senate natural resources committee this morning.