Why keeping your eyes only on the road is over-rated…

…OK, it is very important to pay attention to the road while you’re driving but it’s also OK to look around a bit, too.

After driving in the pre-dawn darkness most of the way I was more than ready to check the countryside on Sunday’s early drive to Tipton. That’s a very small town south of Beloit, and about 80 miles northwest of Salina.

This young female snowy owl was sitting on a roadside large bale of hay in Lincoln County Sunday morning.

Anyway, as I’m cruising down a long stretch of road heading into the Smoky Hills I look to my right and see this girl looking back at me. A turn-around at the next field entrance while grabbing a camera with a stout lens took about 15 seconds. I spent less time than that taking a few pics of this juvenile snowy owl sitting atop a big bale of hay.

As I was slowly heading off a car passed between the owl and me…and the driver didn’t even look like she noticed me, let alone a rare snowy owl in Lincoln County.

She might have gotten to her destination on time while I was a few minutes late because I saw the snowy. Time well spent, in my book.