Poachers carry a price on their head…sorta

Game wardens aren’t the biggest worry for some poachers who killed and beheaded a large buck near Tulsa on Christmas.

Their main problem could be the reward being offered by the landowner where the buck was illegally killed.

CLICK HERE for a link to the story of the landowner who is offering $5,000 for news of who poached the buck.He may raise the reward to $10,000.

The concept that the poacher will want to show-off the buck’s antlers is solid, as is the fact that $5,000 can loosen a lot of tongues and possibly lead to a conviction.

The idea isn’t totally new in south-central Kansas, either. Several years ago an El Dorado businessman purchased a prime piece of property near the edge of town. For years the land had been heavily hunted by those who did and didn’t have permission from the previous landowner. When normal things like posting his land didn’t discourage trespassers, the new landowner tried a different angle.

In the local newspaper he ran a sizable ad pledging several hundred dollars, for information that led to the conviction of anybody  hunting illegally on the land.

The trespassing problem decreased quickly.

Unfortunately many landowners don’t have the financial means or desire to post such rewards to catch and deter poachers, just as many judges don’t have the desire to hit poachers with strong enough penalties to discourage the action.

There currently is no program to offer financial rewards to those who turn-in poachers in Kansas.

But I’m guessing poaching won’t be nearly as big a problem on a particular piece of property near Tulsa for quite some time now.