Accident or not, sportsmen will insist punishment needed in Texas playground shooting

The recent shooting of two kids on a rural Texas playground is tragic. First thoughts go to the boys wounded and their families. The event had to be terribly traumatic to the other children and teachers at the scene, too.

So it is so many times annually when shootings occur on school grounds in America’s largest cities.


Let’s hope the careless target shooters are justifiably held responsible for their stupid actions.

I promise they won’t get much support from other target shooters and hunters. Every hunter education or firearms safety class I’ve taught or attended has repeatedly stressed the importance of making sure of a target and what lies beyond it before a trigger is pulled.

Dick Cheney didn’t get much sympathy in the hunting community when he shot his friend while hunting Texas quail. Neither did a New England hunter  a decade or so ago  when he mistook a woman slapping white mittens together in her yard for the tail of an alarmed whitetail  deer. He got justifiable punishment for his very stupid actions.

Those who fired the shots that struck the boys deserve the same. Hunters and target shooters across America demand it.

I certainly do.