Canine-related hunting accidents happen in Kansas, too.

Last week much of America chuckled at story from Utah about an excited hunting dog stepping on a loaded shotgun, shooting a hunter in the buttocks.

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The concept may be new to most and seem funny but the injured hunter could easily have been killed. It’s happened in Kansas.

An excited dog placing a paw on a shotgun's safety and trigger can turn an enjoyable moment into one of pain or even death.

Several years ago a western Kansas hunter set his shotgun in the bed of his pickup. A dog jumped into the bed and while moving around the canine pushed the gun’s safety to “off” and then hit the trigger. The hunter was fatally shot when the shotgun fired.

I’ve heard of at least two similar accidents where nobody was injured. Years ago my buddy Jon Hawkinson was on a hunt when a hunter set his shotgun down to cross a fence and a passing dog hit the safety and pulled the trigger. Fortunately the shotgun was pointed in a safe direction.

From then on Jon and his buddies always made sure their guns were unloaded, or at least placed on a side where the safety couldn’t be moved to the “off” position.

While many Americans are having laughs at the painful incident in Utah, maybe many American hunters will learn how to be more careful the next time they are afield with four-legged hunting buddies.