So dry coyotes carry their own drinks!

Good friend and noted Wichita Eagle reporter Beccy Tanner has gathered some pretty nice photos on her weekend drives in and around the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge. Her best-ever, in my opinion, came last weekend when she got this cool photo of a coyote carrying an empty Sprite bottle.

Beccy said she was tooling down a paved county road when she saw the coyote and she got a few photos. She said the coyote was obviously on a mission carrying the empty Sprite bottle, sometimes carrying it with its jaws firmly on the jug’s center.

I remarked the coyote had a very nice pelt in these days when many coyotes carry bald spots caused by mange. We exchanged a few ideas on what the coyote, probably this year’s pup, was possibly thinking.

Water holes with pure water are miles apart this year so maybe it was going prepared?

Sprite’s caffeine-free so the song-dog obviously isn’t addicted.

All I know for sure is that it’s a very cool photo.