Cheap trail cameras, valued photography

To own trail cameras is usually to become addicted to trail cameras. It has certainly been that way for me.

Soft, evening sun contributed to the nice look of this trail camera photo of a Reno County whitetail buck

As an outdoorsman I can’t wait to see what’s passed down a particular trail or fed at a food plot while I was gone. It’s shown me just how active wildlife is at night and how many deer are in an area that we never see.

As a photographer I’m also keyed-up to see what kind of photography is waiting on these little hide-and-leave cameras. Some at night are blurry, ghost-like imagines.

Some during the daylight are pretty sharp and impressive, especially when you consider they’re taken by $150 point-and-shoot cameras that are simply triggered by movement.

Keep in mind this pic of a dandy 10-pointer has been cropped to show only about one-fourth of the total frame.

Even Brian Corn, The Eagle’s photo editor, was impressed with the quality.