Trout time is here again

When you think about it, the Wichita area is in the middle of some of the finest trout fishing in America.

Go a few hundred miles west to the Rockies and there’s great trout fishing.

Go a few hundred miles east to the Ozarks and there’s great trout fishing.

For about the next six months Kansans will be able to catch trout and not leave their home state. Oct. 15-April 15 is generally the time when the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism stocks trout in about 32 waters across the state.

Mike Miller, department information chief, said some western Kansas waters normally stocked may be dry this year. Several lakes and streams are awaiting cooler water temperatures before being stocked.

Locally trout are normally stocked in Vic’s Lake in Sedgwick County Park and nearby Slough Creek. Trout are also put in KDOT East Lake, too, and a portion of the Walnut River below the dam at El Dorado Reservoir. Happy, enthusiastic anglers can usually be found at all of the above.

“It not only provides a winter fishing opportunity, the trout are usually cooperative. They’re usually¬† biting and they’ll hit lures and they’ll hit bait,” Miller said. “They put up a pretty good fight and people really seem to enjoy them.”

As well as a regular Kansas fishing permit, if needed, anglers 16 and older need at $12.50 trout stamp. Youth 15 and younger can fish without a trout permit but are limited to two trout per day. The normal limit is five per day. Youth 15 and under can purchase a trout permit if they want to keep up to five trout per day.