A few hours in the Flint Hills…

One of the better views of an afternoon in the Flint HIlls south of Matfield Green.

Southern Californian Jerry Ellerbusch was in Newton visiting family, wanted a chance to see a bit more of Kansas and needed a tour guide. I was the perfect man for the job.

Jerry Ellerbusch gets a look at a Flint Hill's vista.

After pounding the keyboard and editing a through a few dozen photos I picked Jerry up late Saturday afternoon and we headed into the Flint Hills.

From Newton we took the scenic route on First Street and Highway 177 to get to the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve near Strong City, then back-tracked through private lands where I often hunt and fish south of Matfield Green.

Jerry’s one of those guy’s who is perpetually happy and likes to talk about positive things. Raised on a farm in southern Illinois had him interested in all aspects of Flint Hill’s ranching and farming.

After a great view or 200 we ended up at The Hitchin’ Post in Matfield Green with thick burgers, fries that had been whole potatoes minutes before and in-depth kidding and conversation with owner Susan Hardesty (“the nicest business owner in town”) and a cast of  Post regulars.

Counting time coming and going we only had about six hours for the tour of rural Kansas…and it went very, very well.