The return of Wrap-Around

It seems like it’s homecoming time at the Pearce farm. Bucks we had on trail cameras last fall seem to be coming back. I’m guessing it’s kind of a pre-rut thing as they gather around the does that gather around our food plots all year.

A common buck around our food plots last fall, Wrap-Around is again back. He's probably enjoying the good eats while he patiently awaits the first doe of the fall to come into estrous.

Recently a buck we named Wrap-Around last fallĀ  again began making nighttime appearances. He obviously got his nickname from the fact that the ends of his antlers wrap-around. Last year they nearly touched. This year they overlap a bit.

It’s obviously the same buck. He’s a bit bigger this year, though only maybe 10 inches at best.That his antlers so wrap-around is what makes him desirable. A lot of good venison there, too.

Big eight-pointers with tall brow tines are certainly a genetic trait that’s very common around our place.

Wrap-Around was one of about three trophy-sized bucks we had hanging around a small clover patch last fall. Jerrod had him within bow range when he ran a button buck off one morning but couldn’t get a shot. Better luck this year, we hope.

Wrap-Around as he looked last fall.

It’s interesting that our two main food plots are maybe 400 yards apart but we seldom get pics of the same bucks using both food plots, even during their trolling days of rut when they’re ranging far and wide looking for love.

We’re still hoping to see a couple of more bucks return again. One was a heavy 10-pointer that has haunted me since I found he’d used a food plot repeatedly the day I wanted to hunt it but couldn’t because of the wind direction. We also got several pics of him using the same food plot in January, too.

Another is a big eight with sword-like browtines that Jerrod had a chance at early last November but failed. We haven’t seen him or gotten a pic of him since rifle season started last fall.

Chances are a neighbor or a neighbor’s guest got him. So it goes.

A look at the height of Wrap-Around's antlers this year. The trail camera is over a mineral site, at a bottleneck leading into one of our food plots.