Sharing a drink with wildlife

Thousands of Kansans try to help and attract wildlife with gifts of food. Seamus Lichlyter and his wife, Thelma, are providing something much more appreciated this year – water.

Seamus and Thelma Lichlyter have long planted food plots to help wildlife on their land. For about a year they've been providing tubs of fresh water, too. This is one of their favored trail camera photos at one of the tubs.

Seeing ponds starting to dry and creeks becoming stagnant about a year ago, Thelma started hauling buckets of water for wildlife on their land near Rock. Every day she’s hauled buckets of water to 30-gallon tubs about 100 yards from their barn.

I also have friends west of Newton who began hauling water to scattered troughs on their farm mid-summer, too. Like the Lichlyters, they have hundreds of trail camera pics of bucks, does, fawns and other wildlife using the sources of fresh water.

Water could of increasing importance as this drought continues.