Young gun gets a deer

Wyatt Parsons said he’d shoot a buck or nothing going into the youth deer season and that’s what he did Saturday afternoon after several times afield.

Six-year-old Wyatt Parsons with the buck he shot Saturday evening.

“We spent every evening out after he got out of school,” said Mickey Parsons, the 6-year-old boy’s father. “We saw quite a few does but he kept looking for a buck.” Youth deer season ran Sept. 10-18.

Their hunting ground was an alfalfa patch of about 10 acres near Murdock. They passed their time sitting in a blind made of hay bales. Wyatt was shooting a scoped .30/30. He knew the rifle well.

“We’d go to the pasture and target shoot and he shot a box of ammo while practicing,” Mickey Parsons said. “He put the shots in a paper plate at 100 yards every time so I figured he was good to that distance.” Wyatt had also spent hours playing a hunting game on the family Wii to help get familiar with accuracy and shot placement.

The shot was about 100 yards and the young buck was down in a few seconds. “(Wyatt) watched it fall, then laid the gun down and started jumping up and down,” Mickey Parsons said. “he just couldn’t believe it.” The buck’s antlers total six short points.

While it was the boy’s first season to use a gun and his first kill he had accompanied his dad on several hunts in the past.

The buck’s antlers will probably hang in the family’s garage. Wyatt helped his father process the meat. Both look forward to many meals of venison. “His favorite way is probably when we grind the meat and put it in chili,” Mickey¬† Parsons said. “He really likes that.”